About Us

About the practice

You have found one of the leading optometric practices within the South West and the UK.

We, in turn, found the winning formulae a long time ago: It is

  1. Additional time for you and your optometrist which means greater attention to those details, so key for early diagnosis and those explanations that mean you can be assured and understand the next steps if they are needed.
  2. The early adoption of advanced precision technology means early and accurate diagnosis so that you see beyond today.
  3. Individual instruments alone don’t diagnose conditions, you need a range of them and then you need someone with an understanding, and experience to accurately interpret their results. To be able, for example, to pick out those conditions that don’t always fit the “normal” and I’m not talking about an afternoons course or weeks post graduate study; I mean years of additional qualifications with proven and monitored diagnostic skills, fine-tuned by hospital experience.
  4. Setting and measuring our outcomes as a practice, that go beyond the normal. That is patient focused and not market lead. We measured our referral accuracy from the days when we first opened and have seen the accuracy go from above normal to unprecedented levels as the instruments and expertise grew. Such accuracy means our goal of making sure you continue with the best vision possible is upheld.
  5. A unique range of frames and lenses, where your choice and our advice is based on your best outcomes, not sales targets, but ones focused on meeting your needs and your happiness with the frames, lenses and their performance.
  6. Choosing to be the best, a constantly moving goal to strive for: means truly caring and being personal with each other, both as team members and you, our client on a moment by moment basis. This in turn means we get to enjoy a slower, more rewarding place to be.