Intro to Eye Care

Introduction to eye care symptoms and conditions

Healthy eyes are part of our wellbeing. So let us look after you and your eyes to protect your vision for today and tomorrow.

Our examination packages are designed to assess your symptoms, conduct an array of assessments at different levels (depending on the package you have chosen), and so diagnose or identify the potential cause. This is in order to provide solutions whether its health advice, eye drops, treatments, lenses or surgery.

As a problem solving practice we have an enviable reputation for doing just that, thanks to the combination of our advanced level of expertise, comprehensive suite of hospital standard equipment and the time we spend with you.

When symptoms occur it’s good to have some quick answers to make an initial understanding of the symptoms you have to look after your eyes.

Problems can develop without any signs and you can lose up to 40% of your vision without knowing it so keep up those routine tests, even if all seems well. After all, we want to see you, catch up and ensure your well being.