Fashion Styling

Ladies style me evening group shot.

Choosing your frames can be fun. You set the boundaries and goals and we go out of our way to meet them with lots of help and advice along the way. This collaborative venture is all about you.

Colours, tone, shape and sizing are all key to getting the look and feel you are after. Whether that’s an understated pair of glasses for the office, a glamour pair for those glitzy nights out, a sporty pair for fun – or maybe a serious pair for that special meeting? Whatever you choose, we have got you covered.

Your skin tone, colour preferences and measurements are just some of the things we think about when helping you choose. We have been ahead of the curve of fashion trends and one that is now hitting the headlines is the need to view your frames as an investment. Translucent and new tints are emerging as firm favourites, as they can be paired with most outfits – classic frames with a modern twist that will be current this season and the next.

Round frames from the 30s are a trend that is going to be with us for years, so too the D-shaped frames. So, depending on whether you like to follow hyper trends (where frames flash in and out of fashion), or want a classical frame that can be reused and see you through a number of years, let us know through your styling session with us.

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