Frame Repairs

Accidents do happen if glasses are worn daily, or put in pockets or left inadvertently on the chair. Frames can become distorted or screws loosened. But don’t worry we can repair most frames. We make many kinds of repairs and adjustments onsite. We can repair your long-loved Gucci frames and even gran’s frames from the thirties.

We understand that being without your glasses can be more than an inconvenience, especially if you don’t have a spare pair to hand. So we will try to repair them for you while you nip to another shop. If we can’t fix them within the practice we will send them away for repair. Miracles happen often so don’t be shy, bring those beloved frames and we shall see what we can suggest.

Helpful hints to prolong the life of your frames and lenses

  • Always place your frames in position and remove them with both hands. That stops undue pressure on one side of the frame being exerted.
  • Always place them with their feet crossed next to the surface, not the lenses.
  • Heating the frame before bending the arms will help prevent breakages but spotting on the frame means the material has become brittle and might break, even if they have been heated – so it might be time to replace that part.
  • Try a hard coating on your lenses to help prevent scratches to the lenses.
  • Use the lens cloth in your case rather than shirts or anything to hand to clean the lenses.

Why not pop in or book a service for your frame? If you are on one of our packages or if you bought the frame and lenses from us, it’s free and a great chance to spot any imperfections whilst they are under warranty.