Individual Packages

Looking after your vision for today and tomorrow is an endeavour we enjoy and take seriously. We all come with our own unique set of genes, histories and eye care needs so it’s no wonder that the eye care you receive needs to be tailored to you. We do this by getting to know you and your eyes; it might take several visits to us and no matter which eye care package you choose, we will mold it to your changing needs.

Wondering which eye examination is best for you?

Nothing is as good as that conversation between you and your dedicated optometrist, where you talk about your ocular health, history and goals: However it’s good to start to think about your current risk factors. I’ve put together a crude but effective assessment below where you can consider some of the key risk factors and so judge what kind of eye examination best suits your needs from a clinical point of view.

First, move along the top to see your age and collect the points that correspond to you. Now, moving down the left-hand column, work along each line and collect the appropriate points. What’s your total?

Eye care package self-assessment.

Age 0-39 years old 40-60 years old 60- 70 years old 70 + years
Points 10 Points 25 Points 30 Points 40 Points
Family History No Family history of Diabetes/Glaucoma/AMD. Cancer or heart conditions
5 points
10 points
20 points
Diabetes/Glaucoma/AMD Prescription +/- 4.00 and above
20 points each
Medical profile Any of these features Macular degeneration Healthy, none smoker and exercising regularly. No medication taken other than vitamins
0 points
Gave up smoking ten years ago – occasional walks. Ethnic back ground including Black, Asian, Hispanic, Drink Alcohol occasionally
10 points
Poor diet, smoking, not exercising Blood pressure, Unprotected Sun exposure Drinking Alcohol regularly
15 points
Poor diet Smoking, not exercising High blood pressure, use of steroids. Unprotected sun exposure
20 points
Ocular status Prescription +/- below 4.00. No ocular history or abnormal results or symptoms
5 points
Prescription above +/- 3.00 An abnormal result
10 points
One eye, Nevus, Visual field loss, History of eye injury More than one abnormal test result 15 points including high ocular pressure High pressures, drusen, narrow angles. High pressures and thin corneas
20 points
30points or less? Above 30 points Think about our advanced care. Above 60 Points Choose our gold package, even as a one off? Above consider our gold or premium package


40 Year old 25 points
+4.00 = 10 points
Drink alcohol regularly =15 points
Total 50 points so an Advanced care eye examination.