Individual Packages

Looking after your vision for today and tomorrow is an endeavour we enjoy and take seriously. We all come with our own unique set of genes, histories and eye care needs so it’s no wonder that the eye care you receive needs to be tailored to you. We do this by getting to know you and your eyes; it might take several visits to us and no matter which eye care package you choose, we will mold it to your changing needs.

Why not try our self-assessments to guide you on which package is best for you?

Then select your preferences: It will be a good starting point for your first visit.

Don’t know what you would prefer? Not to worry, you can talk things through with your dedicated colleague or with your Optometrist at your appointment.

Eye care package self-assessment.

Award No Points 5 points 10 points 20 points
Age 1-35 35 -40 40 – 69 Over 70
Prescription above +2.00 5 points Prescription over 4 Prescription over 6
Family history of :
Heart condition
Macular degeneration
Heart condition Glaucoma, diabetes, or macular degeneration in the family tree
One eye that sees much better than the other Tick Only one eye with vision -60 points
History of smoking Gave up smoking over ten years ago Gave up smoking less than 10 years ago Smoking more than ten a day
Exercise Exercising two or more a week Occasional walks Not exercising
Diet Eating a balanced diet, with lots of green veg Limited veg, or vitamin D Restricted high sugar diet
Alcohol consumption No alcohol or only one glass of wine a day or equivalent. More than one glass on a regular basis Binge drinking regularly
Prolonged use of computers Less than two hours a day over the course of the day for short bursts. More than three hours a day, with prolonged periods
Being Black, Asian or Hispanic Black, Asian and Hispanic background
Having Diabetes,
Heart disease
High blood
Sickle cell anemia
Thin corneas
Thin corneas Diabetes
High blood
Sickle cell
Had an eye injury Taking corticosteroids, especially for a long time History of eye injury Taking/ having taken corticosteroids for a long time
Abnormal results in your eye examination Visual fields – 30 points, Raised pressures – 30 points
Repeated abnormal results and a condition requiring close monitoring 70 points
Total your score

Score 0 – 20 Your risks are low and you could consider having an advanced care as a one off to gain a base line of results for future possible reference of your “normal” and ensure all is well with your ocular health.

Score above 30 You might want to consider the advanced eye care package as a regular examination to obtain a more detailed assessment and screening of your eyes and so pick up conditions early. The advanced care package is suitable for all, especially those over the age of 45 years wanting more than the standard eye examination to detect early signs of conditions that may be sight threatening.

Score above 60 Choose the Gold package as the best in eye care that is currently available. With a score of 60 or over, you have increased risks and would benefit from the assurance of the substantial cover, the range of screening and examinations this scheme gives you.

The Premium package is available should you prefer to be seen at our practice, rather than the hospital.


There will be lots along the way. And this is absolutely fine. Here are an example of some of the choices you might want to make:

Which way do you lean?

  • You’re the optometrist, advise me what to do. Tell me all, I want to make indepth decisions.
  • Co-monitor me, along with the hospital. Only do the tests that are not done in the hospital under a standard eye examination.
  • I don’t want surgery unless absolutely necessary – I want surgery if it will improve my vision at the earliest point.
  • I like to make decisions in real time – I like a lot of time to think things over.
  • I prefer to learn things by talking with someone – I prefer to learn using videos in my own time.
  • I like to be informal during my visit. I prefer to have a clear structure and to be addressed by my title.
  • I prefer to set my own objectives at each visit. I made the choice once, you don’t need to ask me again.