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Not all Opticians are the same

All eye examinations are not the same. Whilst there are procedures that all sight tests must include (that’s a legal requirement), the individual conducting the tests along with their experience and qualifications, their equipment, the time spent, as well as the attitudes expressed, are all going to be different – dependent on where you are and who you see.

McShaw Optometrists believe in offering you the best possible eye care we can deliver and that means extending the choices you have.

We combine an enviable range of world-leading equipment (that many hospitals would like to have), along with the precious time needed to consider and analyse results. Put this together with a recognised outstanding optometrist, with a proven record in communicating and you have not just an eye examination, but an ocular tour.

The standard or NHS sight test £42.00

The NHS funded or standard sight test is just that. It checks your sight now. The specified tests attempt to pick up conditions based on a combination of your responses and the results from different procedures, done with a range of equipment with varying degrees of reliability. It is designed to pick up conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts as they develop and affect your vision. Great for those who are healthy and /or consider themselves to be at low risk of conditions. Please note, dilation and visual fields are conducted when indicated and not as standard.

Extending the sight test to selected screening

For those who sometimes want a more detailed specific examination, using an instrument that is the latest technology, with known reliability – then the selected screening option might be for you, This is good for those looking to record results in a particular area , or to repeat a test (which is not funded by the NHS or standard eye examination).

If you would like a specific area monitored more closely, or in greater detail then this is for you.

Visual fields using the Zeiss Humphrey (DVLA approved) £49.00
Goldman Tonometry for your pressures £45.00
Fundus camera using the DGI Hospital screening for diabetes £32.50
OCT each module: Cornea, discs, macular & fundus £59.50
Anterior imaging £49.50
Gonioscopy £65.50
Dry eye assessments £65.00
Emergency contact lens appointments (no eye plan) £75.00
Auto refraction: objective assessment £15.00
Repeat tonometry using i care £19.00
Private consultation 20 mins (no procedures) £45.00
Advanced Care Package £137.00

This package is suitable for those over the age of 45, who want more than the standard eye examination in order to detect early signs of conditions that may be sight threatening.

2 modules of the OCT £95.00
Goldman Tonometry £45.00
Visual fields £49.00
One other test from the list above £39.00 to £49.00

Additional time spent with your dedicated optometrist with specialist skills and leading international qualifications.

Total value of the PACKAGE £228.00 – £238.00

Saving you at least £91.00 if purchased separately

Additional Benefits: Repairs to a frame. Preferential appointment times

Gold Care Package £247.00

This package is good for those who have higher risk levels than those on the advanced care: Raised intra ocular pressure or abnormal discs for example that need additional closer monitoring and require the additional qualifications to care for your vision.

Saving you at least £182.00 if purchased separately

The Premium Package £345.00

It Includes all of the above examinations outlined within the selected screening (which takes place over two or three appointments as required). In addition to these comprehensive range of tests, you will have additional consultations on demand through-out the coming year. Dilation and choice of instruments can be yours.

This is for you if you require the most comprehensive eye examination possible or you choose to be seen and treated for a condition by the specialist optometrist, rather than attend hospital.

Total value of the PACKAGE £470.00 A saving of £125.00

Additional Benefits: Repairs to frames. Preferential appointment times, including appointments by arrangement.

Emergency eye examination
Additional procedures at selected screening prices.
First 20 mins £80.00
Dry eye assessment Including one follow up £65.00
Private domiciliary visits From £145.00
Consider combining the advanced care with contact lens care?
saving you £62.00 annually.
This will cost £225.00