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Choose from our range of Eye Care Packages

Healthy eyes are part of our wellbeing. So let us look after you and your eyes, to protect your vision for today and tomorrow. As a problem-solving practice, we will be there for you should you need further help.

Not all Opticians are the same: Make your choices count

All eye examinations are not the same. There are procedures that all sight tests must include (that’s a legal requirement), but there can be enormous differences between eye examinations, depending on a wide variety of things such as: –

The individual conducting the tests along with their experience and qualifications. The time spent with you and/or working on your results and the quality of the explanations to you are all going to be different.

Make your choices count.

We combine an enviable range of world-leading equipment (that many hospitals would like to have), along with the precious time needed to consider and analyse your results. Put this together with a recognised outstanding optometrist, with a proven record in problem solving combined with communicating and you have not just an eye examination, but a personalised ocular tour, with the reassurance you need for your vision.

You can choose from a range of eye care packages that extends beyond the standard sight test. Whichever package you choose you will see the same Optometrist on each visit (unless an emergency), as comparisons over time are an important feature of detecting conditions early. You will have dedicated time to talk about the results and our extended team of expert Ophthalmologists will be available should we need to refer you.

Advanced Care Package £149.00

This is our most popular package and is suitable for all those over 45yrs or who value their vision and have few risk factors (such as age, a high prescription or family history etc.). It offers more than the essential eye test to detect early signs of conditions that may be sight threatening and goes beyond the idea that its new lenses that can fix your blurred vision for example. Your consultation will last between 45 minutes to an hour and may include follow up visits requested by your optometrist at no extra charge.

During your initial assessment and review of your medical history, you and/or your specialist Optometrist will choose the examinations/tests that best suits your individual risk factors. It will include a three dimensional and multilayered analysis of one of the key structures within your eyes (using a piece of equipment called an OCT), as well as a few other tests. See below for a selection of those tests and their individual prices.

Because you are buying a package you will not be paying individually for your chosen tests, so saving you time and money.

Are you a professional – such as pilot and need a report and specific tests? Just advise and we will do our best to accommodate your needs and complete the appropriate forms.

Anterior Observation and motility (your eyes ability to move) check £10.00
Drusen analysis (yellow deposits in the retina associated with macular conditions) £70.00
Fundoscopy (looking at the fundus of your eye) £48.00
1 modules of the OCT (beneath the surface imaging that includes personal analysis) £65.00
Goldman Tonometry(hospital method for measuring your ocular pressure) £55.00
Visual fields Zeiss FDT £49.00
Undilated or Dilated refraction £49.00 – £79.00
Visual fields using the Zeiss Humphrey (DVLA approved Esterman) £52.00
Goldman Tonometry for your pressures £55.00
Fundus camera using the DGI Hospital screening for diabetes £42.00
Anterior imaging (front of your eye magnified ) £55.00
Gonioscopy(advanced technique for measuring drainage angles) £95.00
Dry eye assessments £75.00
Emergency contact lens appointments (no eye plan) £85.00
Auto refraction: (objective assessment of your prescription) £25.00
Repeat tonometry using i care £35.00
Private consultation 20 mins (no procedures) £59.00
Cycloplegic refraction ((where drops are administered to prevent over focusing), particularly useful for children) £72.00
Colour test £75.00
Titmus fly test (stereopsis and depth perception test) £37.50
Visual stress test £85.00

With the combination of procedures likely to be included in your advanced care package the likely total value of such tests would be around £304.00 saving you at least £160.00 if purchased separately.

Additional Benefits: Simple repairs to frames. Follow ups free of charge at your optometrist’s request. Self-initiated follow up consultation should you feel your eyes need additional attention (with a fare usage). Should additional tests be needed these will be chargeable at a 20% discounted rate.

Gold Care Package £275.00

This package is good for those who have higher risk levels than those on the advanced care: Risks such as: having a range of conditions that involve an ocular impact such as Lyme disease, diabetes, raised intra ocular pressure or abnormal discs for example that need additional/ closer monitoring etc.

The combination of risks or concentrated risk requires your optometrist to have additional qualifications. You are likely to need additional and tests that require advanced skills to care for your vision. These additional tests and monitoring will be dependent upon your risk factors or need in consultation with your dedicated optometrist.

Visits are usually six monthly on this package and include self-initiated consultations should you need further examinations or follow-ups. saving you at least £202.00 if purchased separately.

Additional benefits include repairs to glasses which include soldering etc., completed free of charge subject. Self-initiated follow ups and tests which are concerned with your specific area of risk, where necessary, free of charge.

The Premium Package £375.00

This is for you if you require the most comprehensive eye examination possible or choose to be seen and treated for a condition by the specialist optometrist, rather than attend hospital.

It Includes the examinations outlined within the selected screening (which takes place over two or three appointments as required). In addition to these comprehensive range of tests, you will have additional consultations on demand through-out the coming year. Dilation and choice of instruments can be yours.

Total value of the PACKAGE £470.00. A saving of £245.00

Additional Benefits: All possible repairs to frames. Preferential appointment times, including appointments by arrangement.

Emergency eye examination First 20 mins £80.00
Additional procedures at selected screening prices: see list below
Dry eye assessment one follow up £75.00
Blephex treatment £65.00
Simple contact lens trials £75.00 – £25.00 will be refunded should your trail lead to you purchasing lenses and care.
Combined Gold Care and Contact lens care £363.00
saving £57.00
Contact lens care (includes 2 yearly standard eye examination)
£12.08 per month
Combined advanced care with contact lens care Saving you an additional £37.00 annually £253.00
Contact lens care per visit £79.50
Gas permeable contact lens care £295.00
(including lenses)
Combined gas lens care and advanced care is Saving £45.00 if brought separately. £399.00
Gas permeable care with biannual standard sight test. Saving £27.50 £342.00
Private domiciliary visits From £165.00
£145.00 for existing patients
Sidmouth/Honiton/Ottery St Mary/Clyst Honiton £165.00
Exeter/Taunton/Yeovil/Lyme Regis/ Axminster £175.00
Plymouth area £195.00
The standard £85.00

Standard sight test is just that. It checks your sight now. The specified tests attempt to pick up conditions based on a combination of your responses and the results from different procedures, Done with a range of equipment with varying degrees of reliability. It is designed to pick up conditions in their manifest stages. This basic test is for those who are under 40 years, with no visual issues, who are healthy and /or consider themselves to be at low risk of conditions. Don’t expect this examination to resolve all visual problems with confidence. It’s a reasonable start in our view for those with no or low risks.

We prefer to do this test as an emergency for someone in need of a quick prescription perhaps or as an addition to the contact care package who are without any risk factors such as age, family history or previous eye injuries/anomalies. Maybe your child needs a routine examination. We will make the procedures fun and may take more than one visit depending on concentration levels that day.

Child eye examination. £75.00

The vision of each child is important for normal development as well as success at school. Detecting visual conditions that impact your child’s development has never been more important with the ever-growing reliance on technology and close work.

From screening in their formative months to eye examinations in their preschool year our approach is to make the examinations and screenings fun, interactive, informative, and encouraging. Focused on producing the best results for your child for their today and tomorrow.

If you as parents are our patients, then we will provide this examination with a 50% reduction in the fee.

Extend your sight test to selected screening.

For those who want or need a specific examination, perhaps in addition to the standard test or your package for a specific assessment of a key structure, we have a range of individual examinations that could fit your needs.

If you would like a specific area monitored and don’t want to have the range of examinations included in our packages (although this might be rare), then this is for you. Select from the list below.

Visual fields using the Zeiss Humphrey (DVLA approved) £49.00
Goldman Tonometry (for your pressures) £55.00
Fundus camera using the DGI (Hospital screening for diabetes) £42.00
OCT each module: Cornea, discs, macular & fundus including analysis 15 minutes £65.00
Anterior imaging (Front of the eye magnified) £55.00
Gonioscopy (advanced technique to measure angles .key for glaucoma) £95.00
Dry eye assessments £75.00
Emergency contact lens appointments (no eye plan) £85.00
Auto refraction: (objective assessment of refraction) £25.00
Repeat tonometry using i care (comfortable pressure check) £35.00
Private consultation 20 mins (no procedures) £59.00
Cycloplegic refraction (relaxed muscle refraction good for children /over stressed eyes) £72.00
Dilation (drops to see periphery of inside the eye) £45.00
Colour test £75.00
Titmus fly test £37.50
Visual stress test £85.00