Contact Lens Questionnaire


Before your consultation please complete and email this short Questionnaire.

Contact Lenses should never be supplied without an extensive examination of your eyes carried out by our dedicated Contact Lens Specialist.

Before we fit you with Contacts it is vital that we gain a full history of your eyes, your general health as well as all your visual needs both at work and at play.

Please complete this form and email it to us before your initial Contact Lens appointment. This gives us an idea of your needs and the features of the lenses you are likely to need, before we being taking measurements. If you prefer, you can complete it on a telephone call prior to your appointment. When most new patients visit they are surprised at the array of specialist equipment we use: click here to see the equipment in our instrument room!

Please allow at least one hour for your initial assessment and that the process of determining the best lenses taking additional time.

Personal Information:

  • Your contact lens history

  • Your vision

  • Very few conditions preclude fitting contact lenses, but may suggest a specific lens material or type of fitting, all of which will be measured during your tolerance trial.
  • Health

  • Further information